The critical analysis of the problem of creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is proposed. The unity of formal logic and of rational dialectics is the methodological basis of the analysis. The main results of the analysis are as follows: (1) the model of man represents the unity of the two material aspects: “physiological body” (controllable aspect) and “psychical body” (controlling aspect); (2) the “psychical body” is the subsystem “subconsciousness + consciousness”; (3) in the comprehensive sense of the word, the thinking is an attribute of the complete system “physiological body + psychical body + environment”. (3) in the broad sense of the word, thinking and creativity are an essential feature of the subsystem “subconsciousness + consciousness”; (4) in the narrow (concise) sense of the word, thinking and creativity are the attribute of the instinct of the conservation (preservation, retention, maintenance) of life (i.e., the self-preservation instinct, the survival instinct); the instinct of the conservation of life exists in subconsciousness; (5) the instinct of the conservation of life is a system of elementary (basic) instincts; thinking is the attribute of the each elementary instinct; (6) the mechanism of thinking and the essence of creation cannot be cognized by man; (7) a computer as a device cannot think and create (in particular, it cannot prove theorems) because a computer does not have the subconsciousness; (8) the modeling of human thinking, Human Intellect, and the creation of AI and AGI are the impossible because the essential properties of the complete system “man + environment” cannot be cognized and modeled; (9) the existence of AI and AGI conflicts with the essence of the thinking; (10) the existence of AI and AGI contradict to formal-logical and rational-dialectical laws. Keywords: human intellect, artificial intelligence, artificial general intelligence, artificial psychology, computer science, psychology, linguistics, mathematics, P versus NP problem, Millennium Problems (Clay Mathematics Institute), formal logic, dialectics, philosophy, metaphysics.

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Issue: Vol 7 No 12 (2016)
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Section: Engineering and Computer Science
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15520/ijcrr/2016/7/12/11

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Kalanov, T. (2016). MAN vs. COMPUTER: DIFFERENCE OF THE ESSENCES. THE PROBLEM OF THE SCIENTIFIC CREATION. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review, 7(12). https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.15520/ijcrr/2016/7/12/11

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