Financial Analysis of SBI: a study with special reference to Indian Banking Industry


Banking sector of any economy is said to be the lifeline of that country. Banking is the core of the economy. It is the most important part of the financial system of that economy that plays a vital role in its functioning and in the overall progress and development of the economy.A smooth, stable and efficient banking sector is very important to increase the level of the economy in the country. The forces such as liberalization and globalization have influenced the banking sector of India in a very strong manner. These forces also effect the functioning of the banking sectors. To overcome the impact of such reforms various strategies have been adopted by the banks. In this competitive world, every manager, investor, shareholders of the banks are focusing on the financial position of the banks in the hope of gaining profits as well as for the survival of the banks in the long run. For achieving the purpose, Banks nowadays are going through various changes in the forms of corporate restructuring etc.The objective of this paper is to analyse the financial performance of the State Bank of India. For this, the Camel Approach has been used which focuses on the parameters such as Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management Quality Ratios, Earnings Ratios and Liquidity Ratios. The Camel Approach indicates the factors that are performing very well and those factors also whose performance should be improved. This paper is an attempt that has been made to identify the actual position as well as the strength of the State Bank of India so that it could help the investors in making decisions for their investment.

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Singh, B. (1). Financial Analysis of SBI: a study with special reference to Indian Banking Industry. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review, 8(07).
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