Effect of Different Denture Cleansers on Surface Roughness of Acrylic Denture Base Materials

    Fouad Salama, Nouf Al-khunaini, Safa Al-Rashed,Ala'a Abou-Obaid, Mohamed Elsharawy Affiliation



The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the effect of different denture cleansers and distilled water on surface roughness of self- and heat-polymerized acrylic denture base materials.

Materials and methods:

Specimens were prepared from self- and heat-polymerized acrylic resin denture base materials and distributed into different groups of 15 each. Specimens of each group were immersed in distilled water as control and in three different denture cleansers according to the manufacturer's instructions and immersion was repeated 7 times over 7 days. The reading of surface roughness was recorded for all the specimens using a 3D optical noncontact surface profiler based on noncontact scanning interferometry to evaluate roughness.


No significant difference was found in the average surface roughness of heat-polymerized resins after immersion in denture cleansers (P>0.05). One-way ANOVA revealed significant difference in self-polymerized acrylic resin base material among different cleansers. Tukey Post Hoc test for multiple comparison showed that the mean of surface roughness of self-polymerized resin base immersed in Corega was significantly greater than the control group (P = 0.007). Significant difference was noticed in the interaction between the materials and the solutions (P=0.027). Self-polymerized resins immersed in distilled water had a significant decrease in surface roughness compared with the heat-polymerized resins (P<0.05).


Immersion of acrylic denture base materials in the tested denture cleansers had no significant effect on the surface roughness of the denture base materials except for self-polymerized resins, which immersed in Corega.

Running Title: Denture cleansers and roughness of denture base    

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Nov 11, 2017
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