Evaluate the Effect of Bike Riding on Posture



The purpose of the present study was to examine the posture deformity in bike riders.

Study Design: Observational study conductedamong student and physiotherapist of Karachi.

Sample Size: 30 Participant were included.

Sample population: Male Undergraduates of Ziauddin College of physical therapy and physiotherapist of Ziauddin hospital in Karachi.

Method: Every partaker was asked to stand in a quiet room with air condition and proper lightening. We informed the participant about full procedure and distribute the consent form among all participants. Participant attended an experiment on different stations to measure different deformitiesEach session consisted for 15-20 minutes. Participant voluntarily responded the pre survey questionnaire before experiment. Afterward physical examination is done i.e. height and weights of participants are taken. During session scoliosis, kyphosis, bilateral shoulder shift and lumber lordosis are measured at each station and then participants are allowed to rest there for 5 minutes.

Result: Study concluded that there is a significant effect on posture while riding a bike for prolong period.

Conclusion:Due to prolong bike riding time there is a significant effect on cervical, lumber and thoracic spine in bike rider which having discomfort while riding, extend riding period and faulty sitting posture.

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Jan 3, 2017
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