With the acceleration of circulation of rural land, the situation of three property right division that property in land, land contract right and land management right throws out a challenge to the connotation and evaluation of the value of farm land that different property corresponds with. The connotation of the value of collective ownership of land is not only the value of production profit, social guarantee value, ecological value and potential value, but also the most complete land value. Although it is in line with the economic logic and the logic of property rights to divide land contracted management right into land contract right and land management right, it is still not clearly defined in the law, which is the primary and difficult question of the connotation and evaluation of land contract right and management right. The core of the value of land contract right are the right of identity and part of the right of usufruct, and the core of land management right is the value of part of the right of usufruct.Key words: Three Property Right Division; land contract management right; land contract right; land management right

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Lin Xuejun, Z. H. (2016). Connotation and Evaluation of the Value of Farm land under the "Three Property Right Division". International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review, 7(07). https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.15520//2016/7/07/4

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