Challenges of Bali Economic Export Development in Changing Global Environment


Bali is a tourism destination. As a tourist destination, Bali has a great business opportunity. The Balinese take advantage of this as an international orientation opportunity. The problems encountered during this activity are labor and quantity, capital, and technology. This problem is experienced by the people of Bali because of limited resources to meet the needs. The solution made by the Bali government is to create a regulation that is in favor of the Balinese community through government departments. Communities are also involved making themselves more competent, using advanced technology. This problem is also experienced by garment companies namely Thasya Garment and Sanur for Paradise. The problems addressed by the government through the program of research and technology ministry with the name of science and technology program for export products (Iptek bagi Produk Ekspor/IbPE). This program is very helpful for the community, especially small and medium enterprises in running the business. After government assistance, sales turnover, product quality, asset and competence increased. Small and medium enterprises become able to compete in the international world. The export business will affect the business environment globally. Business competition is increasing sharply.

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Jan 20, 2017
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