The Significance of Recruitment and Selection on Organizational Performance: The Case of Private owned Organizations in Erbil, North of Iraq


Recruitment and selection, general seen as a human resource management function, plays a great role in impacting critically on the performance of an organization in terms of achieving its ultimate goal (Costello, 2006). The purpose of this study is to have an understanding of employee recruitment and selection practices and also the organization performance in some private sectors companies in Erbil (North of Iraq). The selected companies that were used to represent the other companies include; two telecommunication companies; Korek and Asiacell Telekom and Darin Group Company. The aim of this research study was to measures the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment and selection process and organizational performance. This is because the research wants to investigate if the recruitment and selection process is adequate to increase organizational performance of the private sector in Erbil in best possible manner without waste of valuable time and effort. The study also reviews literature on recruitment and selection and equally organizational performance. A total of 363 employees shared their opinions in questionnaires; the data obtained from the survey was analyzed with the use of SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).


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