Use of Strontium Chromate as Photocatalyst for Degradation of Azure-A

    Monika Jangid Affiliation
    ; Rakshit Ameta Affiliation
    ; Suresh C. Ameta Affiliation
    ; Ajay Sharma Affiliation


The photocatalytic activity of strontium chromate (SrCrO4) is for the photodegradation of azure-A dye. The progress of photodegradation reaction was monitored by measuring the absorbance of the reaction mixture at definite time intervals. The effect of various parameters such as pH, the concentration of dye, amount of semiconductor and light intensity were varied to achieve the optimum rate of photodegradation. It was observed that strontium chromate has the highest catalytic activity in basic medium. A tentative mechanism for the reaction has been proposed.

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Jangid, M., Ameta, R., Ameta, S. C., & Sharma, A. (2018). Use of Strontium Chromate as Photocatalyst for Degradation of Azure-A. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review, 9(03), 20181-20187.
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Mar 1, 2018
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