Psychometric Scale for Measure Mothers’ Self-Efficacy in Diarrhea Prevention


Psychometric  scale  for  measuring  self-efficacy  is  such  a  critical  important  component  of strategies   to   improve   healthy   behaviour.   Social cognitive   theory incorporates outcome expectancy, but emphasizes self- efficacy, or a perception of oneself being capable of performing certain skills to attain some outcome. The theory behind this model builds from the research of Bandura (1977). Self-efficacy scales have been championed as a critical component in many health disease prevention oriented programmes. Maternal, environmental and behavioral factors have been recognized as additional important determinants behavior change modeled in such approach to provide sustainable intervention in promoting self-efficacy to perceived risks. Development of Mother Self-Efficacy scale to measure this ability is critical in Diarrhea prevention and sustaining desired interventions.

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Oct 23, 2018
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