The Principles of the Prof Momtchil Dobrevís ďFinancially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialismĒ Ė element of the Momtchil Dobrevís ďTheory and praxis of MafiotismusĒ


Lord prof PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev developed 2010 ďFinancially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialismĒ as a based principle materialismus since more than 17 century.08 ďTheory of generating of crises ď, 2010 ďTheory and praxice of the MafiotismusĒ and 2001 ďTheory of the mafiaĒ. Based on these two theories  this paper  explane   the establishment of the mafiotismus all over the world Ė principles, theory and praxis  in European Union , European Commission and  in the Republic Bulgaria

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Oct 31, 2018
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1. Introduction:

In the year 2010 Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev developed the ‚ÄėTheory of Mafiotismus‚ÄĚ as a new state niveaou based on private and personal interests of the prime-minister, ministers, government... Based on this ‚ÄúTheory of Mafiotismus‚ÄĚ Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev developed 2010 the ‚ÄúFinancially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialism‚ÄĚ as a based principle materialismus since more than 17 century.

In the year 2001 Lord Prof. Momtchil DObrev developed the Theory of the mafia and Theory of corruption all the both theories has been developed by analyzing of the mafia and the corruption all over

the wprld. In Bulgaria, Germany, European Union, and other countires.

In the year 2008 Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev developed the "Theory of generating crises". The theory of generating crises has been developed by analyzing all the relationships between countries, and lysing the causes and consequences of crises. The theory examines all possible options for generating crises.

  1. 1 Introduce the Problem:

The problem of the emerging new kind and the real ‚ÄúFinancially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialism‚ÄĚ as a based princip of the development of the society since the 17 century and as a opposite of the ‚ÄúHistorical materialismus‚ÄĚ of the Carl Marx of capitalism developed by Lord Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev as a part of the MAFIOTISMUS is enormous because it concerns not only the rule of one state but also the governance of a union of states and a way of managing the world.

This is really world order materailismus with precisely defined principles and ways of management.

  1. 2. The covering of the real way how the world is working sinve the 17 century and which power is driven it it very important of the covering the real process of development of the human world.

  1. 3 The developed by Lord Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev Financially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialism cover the real process in all countries, in nationa, in states, all over the world.

  1. 5.  The conclusions of the principles of the Financially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialism developed by Lord Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev cover the real sources and power and people that are managing the politics,the nations, the states all over the world.

2. Research methods:

Research methods of occurrence of Financially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialism and the MAFIOTISMUS, its logic of work, of existence, of management are the following:

Analysis of the history

Analysis of the wars and revolutions since 17 century

Analysis if the ways of the financing of these wars and revolutions

Analysis of the people, crises, institutions that are driven all the processes

Analysis of the real process in beginning wars, the process of the wars and the revolutions, the financing of the parts participants in the wars and revolutions.

Analysis of the laws of one country.

Analysis of all authorities in one country - judicial, legislative, executive

Analysis of the implementation of the laws of a country

Analysis of management of public affairs

Analysis of the existence and / or presence of civil society.

Analysis of the work of the Prosecutor's Office as a guarantor of the existence and development of mobbing.

Analysis of the social directions of development of a society

Analysis of the judiciary - laws, judges, choice of judges, development of judges, violations of judges, disciplinary and other liability of judges, prosecutors, investigators.

Analysis of history

Analysis of the First world war ‚Äď financing, reasons

Analysis of the Second World War ‚Äď financing, reasons,

Analysis of the French revolution ‚Äď financing reasons

Analysis of the American independence war - financing , reason

Analysis of the establisjment of the USA

Analysis of other wars and revolutions.

3. Principles of the financially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialism

The only purpose is the profit and enslavement of peoples, states, governments, and creation of monopolies.Participating countries - banks, financial institutions, companies - oil, resources, steel, oil, food, medicines, and fuels. Finance and money determine politics, wars, peace.

Primary goal and approach: Central bank formation in the major countries to control not only finance, but also economic activity and politics. These central banks will be governed by governments, states, parties, citizens, a whole territory, in terms of money, investment, resources, use, in whose behalf and for what.

These are the initial steps. Establishment of central banks in the major countries in fact to control not only finance but also economic activity.

Establishment of central banks in countries owned by private individuals and private banks. This controls the economies of these countries, governments of these countries, citizens, over entire societies.

Where central private banks are not allowed to be created in the countries - it is the occasion to generate civil wars, wars between states, trigger "revolutions" - to finance them from the bank-financial resources technological capital.

Creating conditions for destabilization of the country concerned, importing corruption, provoking a civil war, provoking war, creating conditions for the maturing of an economic crisis, leading to the destabilization of the political power in the country.

Generating and provoking wars, conflicts, fickle confessions, financing both the warring parties with loans - with the ultimate goal of profit, debt, then giving credit for the recovery of these states, lending to rebuild the economies of the warring states, shunning companies managing resources - oil, gold, trade, medicines, food, creating a military situation - unlocking - an institutional occasion.

System: Funding both sides to wage war between them. Practical parties are indebted to banks, then banks and financial institutions finance the recovery of their economies. Profits are enormous. The profit rate for weapons and ammunition is the highest and most rapidly recoverable and revamped.

They finance supplies of weapons, ammunition, food, clothing, ammunition, extra equipment, they actually manage the war process - when there is an advantage for one side, for the other.

Realistically with supplies of weapons, ammunition, they manage the process of war - which side takes precedence and when and for how long.

The Goal:

Government control - not only through finances, but also by building up faithful government and state subjects - from universities, world institutions, clubs, lodges, foundations, which then either become presidents, prime ministers, ministers, leaders and important institutions .

Control of security services and control of compromise.

Control of whole countries

Through debt securities control of governments, states.

Money control, their circulation, movement, direction, direction.

Policy control and policies

Press control

Policy control

Control of the Masonic lodges

Purpose and purpose of war, military conflict, aggression - profit.

Control and avoid the introduction of technology.

Control and prevent the production of technology and free energy to be enjoyed by all people and peoples.

Control of patents that contribute to the development of civilization, not to see the world, to be forgotten, not to be used.

Control and liquidation of scientists who have created innovative solutions for the benefit of humanity in science, technology, and treatment.

Control and avoidance of the production of treatments for the treatment of lethal diseases.

Import and export of corruption in one country to its destabilization.

Imports of terrorism.

Export and import of mafia principles in one country

Debt economy, money control. A person who controls money controls states, societies, peoples, governments.

Manifestation of the masses, peoples, personalities.

Personality control, with debit, credit cards, mobile phones, mobile applications - uninterrupted control. lt; / RTI & gt;

Civil Society Control through Foundations - NGOs to Replace Public Opinion, Funding to Control and Manage Society.

Command not all resources of the earth, oil, gold, silver, uranium and income from them.

Managing the population through illnesses.

Management of the population through pollution of the environment

Technology management, when technology is being introduced into a conversion, why not, keep another, disappear.

Private repositories of tremendous wealth.

Crisis Generation: Any, Economic, Currency, Social, Refugee, Conflict, War Political Crisis ,. The financial crisis occurs the fastest, the currency crisis occurs instantly, They are followed by economi crises, Part of the financial crisis and one kind of it is the currency crisis. There is a financial crisis.There are always economic crises. World currency controlled by members.

Crisis generation schemes:

Invocation of wars

Invocation of military conflicts

Call for military intervention in a country

Import and export of corruption, mafia,

Tracking money out of circulation, it immediately creates economic crises. In turn, they cause huge damage to whole countries. Accordingly, he gets loans.

Crisis crisis - caused - creates economic, social, demographic, social, political crises.

Inviting the Financial Crisis

Inviting the Currency Crisis

Inviting Economic Crises

The call for an otic crisis - not always last

Increase of deficit - for the purpose of signing

World wars become redundant due to the danger of nuclear exchange, so terrorism will be used.

Managing the population through fear. Planting fear among the population.

Creating an antipode - through fear, manipulation,

Creating an intrigue machine

Creating a machine for seeming occasions - for wars, conflicts, aggressions, diversions,

Induction of inflation and deflation afterwards

Creating antipodes - with the ultimate goal of the Cold War battle - generates huge profits, enormous cash flows,

Possession of resources

The machine of intrigue and compromise and the creation of fake occasions.

Generating, financing and combating terrorism.

The Hidden Ideology of Finanosov Bank Resource-Technologically Mafiaized Materialism by Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev and the Real Hegel Theory according to Lord Prof. Dr. Momchil Dobrev

The original ideologist is Hegel. Hegel says: Conflicts create a story.

If conflicts are controlled, managed, and created, what the story will be - induced - generated story. This is stated by Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev as counterpart and critic of Hegel. Finishers and bankers create organize, plan the beginning - the cause, the place of the end of each conflict. The funding of the conflict - both sides.

Existing power is the "thesis" that generates its opposite - "antithesis" The conflict that arises between these two forces creates "synthesis". Conflict conflicts.

The wars represent the synthesis we see according to Hegel's Theory.

Wars create benefits - profit, interest. According to the thesis and the intrigue are necessary for the movement of history. The truth is that both the thesis, the antithesis and the synthesis are important for the capital and the fruits of this capital - the profit.

The trilateral commission openly admits that solving for war and peace is only taken by a few elite people. All property common source - Hegel.

Hegel teaches that the state is God, and the only obligation of the citizens is to serve the state, thus serving God.

Historical dialectics - all historical events emerge from conflicts between opposing forces / thesis and antithesis /, but which are generated by financially resource-based technical mafia-driven materialism, adds Momchil Dobrev.That's the real truth.

Supporter and further developed Hegel's theses, but in our opinion, in a very consciously wrong direction that serves the purposes of financially banking, the technically manipulated materialism is fed to Rothschild Karl Marx - a Jew.

Marx and "capital" treat capitalism as a "thesis," communism as "antithesis".

The man who uses Hegel's theses is JM Morgan. JM Morgan studied in 1850 at the Göttingen University in Germany - which center was Hegel's activity. Morgan uses all the parties in his favor. He supports Republicans, Democrats, a Communist Party, and his closest is Julius Hammer, the father of the famous Armand Hammer.

The real theory of Hegel and Marx is the glossy cover that has nothing to do with truth and reality.

The practice is to manipulate people, left, right, centrists, and others.

One of the most prominent figures of modern history that has given its appreciation of the "laws of history" is Karl Marx.

Marx formulated an entirely new historical philosophy that played an important role for billions of people on earth, whom Momtchil Dobrev believed to be deliberately misguided and directed at the masses, with the ultimate goal of manipulating capital and bankers and their benefit from wars, conflicts, and so on.

Actually, according to Momchil Dobrev, Karl Marx has committed a falsification of history.

The present material proves this - the mistakes and contradictions of Mark and Hegel. Marx is Jewish.

He likes to collect huge amounts of information, but only to use it against his opponents. In the beginning he deals with law and poetry. For years he has been following Hegel's footsteps. Marx behaves like a prophet and thinks in Hegelian categories, establishes those, antitheses and synthesis, without ever giving logical evidence.

He is subordinate to his teacher Hegel.

Makes the same mistakes and adds new mistakes.

Opponents get lowered through several high-spirited words. With his pen, he tries to inspire the masses, constantly dreams of revolutions, and escapes extradition from France. Everywhere he sees the flames of the revolution.

His predictions almost never happen and come true.

Dream and pray for coups and revoltsii, but in terms of theory and mafiotizma Financial - Banking Technology Resource mafia materialism Lord prof. MomchilDobrev each revyalyutsiya coup and is funded by zainteresovanitestrani - ie financiers and bankers.

The criticism of Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev to Karl Marx.

A Truly Internationally From the 18th Century, Financial Bank Resources Technology Maffiotised Materialism of Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev Is Working, Not the Historical Materialism of Karl Marx.

 Thesis number 1 - at the beginning was matter.

It formulates the principle supremacy of matter without any evidence, and makes conscious misconceptions. Actually based on these theories developed by Lord prof. Momchil Dobrev - cosmological theory, information theory vortex fields Theory and practice of free energy, Theory of information and energy medicine, Theory of the universe, theory and practice of energy informatsonnata genetics , energy-information psychology and energy-information psychiatry, the Spirit-consciousness-the thought is primary. Then is the matter.

Thesis number 2 - Bite Determines Consciousness

Ie. the economic conditions / existence / determine the thinking and the personality of an individual / consciousness.

According to the above-mentioned theories of Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev, the spirit-consciousness-thought determines being, not vice versa.

In 1933, Sigmund Freud criticized Marx. Even the insatiable fact that different people, races and peoples under the same economic conditions behave differently, excludes absolute power from an economic moment."

On the basis of this "erroneous" theory, Marx develops his historical materialism that only the economy and the ownership of the means of production are decisive.

Historical materialism believes that, ultimately, goods, products, and property determine the course of history, as they promote the social classes.

Created by Lord prof. Momchil Dobrev banking financial resource tehlogichen mafia materialism prove after a full analysis of the history of finance, the economies of countries around the world since the 13th century, the bankers - financiers and generating psazdavayki conflicts, wars and others make history.

Ie. Prof. Momchil Dobrev - Halachev's financially-funded, technical, mafia-driven materialism, created by Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev-Halachev, is the truth, and the historical materialism of Karl Marx is manipulation.

Thesis number 3 - story is a story of class struggles.

Marx really believes that all human history can be reduced to class struggles.

Marx sees history only as a history of class struggle, with the exception of prehistory. It distinguishes between individual stages of development.

A truly internationally from the 18th century, Financial Bank Resources Technology Maffiotised Materialism of Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev is working, not the historical materialism of Karl Marx.

Thesis number “4 - the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat, and in the end all classes will be" dashed ".

Historical and Financial Evidence of the Financial Banking Resource Technique of Mafiaized Materialism by Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev.

Historical review and proof of the above:

On August 15, 1871, Pike threw his plan to conquer the world through three world wars in front of the Illuminati Mazzini.

First World War - staging to destroy Russia's royal land due to the possession of huge resources and to come under the direct control of bankers who are interested in resources - especially oil and metals. The Second World War increased the Russian influence and created the state of Israel in Palestine. For the next one.

The main reason for the First World War - the deliberate indebtedness of the economy. The First World War and the Versailles Treaty - led to the Second World War, - Germany's over-indebtedness to the World War I winners.

By war, a country always divides into two sides. But the same country finances these countries and actually governs the policy of the whole state, controls the industry, raw materials, and so on.

American Civil War 2861 -1865.

In the American Civil War, 1861-1865. The northern states, which oppose slavery, are fighting the southern states, advocates of slavery.

The Rothschild Bank in London finances the northern states, and Rothschild's Paris bank finances the southern states. By war, a country always divides into two sides. But the same country finances these countries and actually governs the policy of the whole state, controls the industry, raw materials, and so on.

The War and the Oil:

The beginning of the oil empires is associated with John D. Rockefeller. In the 1870s. Creates Standard Oil 1882 is the first trust. / Unification of multiple companies under one guide /.

The shareholders of forty US companies sign a contract and entrust their shares to a supervisory board of nine men. By 1890 the government issued the first antitrust law Rockefeller moved the major part of the company abroad.

Rockefeller meets the competition of Royal Dutch Shell formed by the merger of the Dutch Royal Dutch and The Shell Transport and Trading Company. It holds the exclusive rights for all oil concessions in the Netherlands, eastern India, Persia and IRAC. And the localities in the Middle East.

At the end of the 19th century Russia has developed a remarkable oil industry. The oil fields in Baku are in the hands of the Swedish brothers Robert and Ludwig Nobel. Russian oil production amounted to 1874. At 600,000 barrels, after ten gangs, it reaches 10.8 million barrels, about one-third of American production.

Petroleum entrepreneurs Bungee and Palashovski built with the financial help of Rothschild the railway line from Baku to Batumi on the Black Sea - the port of the most important oil harbor.

In 1886. Rothschilds founded the Caspian - Black Sea Oil Company Caspian and Black Sea Oil Company.

The distribution is among the four companies - Standard Deal Royal Death Shell of Detergent, Nobel Brothers and Rothschild's.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are oil.

"The British fleet is going from coal to oil. 1905 Residents in Persia.

Germany has concentrated its interests on Turkish oil reserves in today's Iraq. Build the Baghdad Railroad.

German companies are allowed to use all oil stocks within a perimeter of up to twenty kilometers from the railroad. Supplies to Germany are secured and can not be jeopardized by UK blockades.

The Berlin-Baghdad railway line For the Britons this is a strategic threat. For the British, only a small strip - Serbia - prevents Berlin-Baghdad from being overcome. ‚Äď

That is why it is the occasion - the outbreak of Sarajevo.

The creation of the Federal Reserve 1913:

The creation of the Federal Reserve - a private institution to print US dollars and control the real world finances.

In the US 1913, the federal reserve was judged. The biggest stockholders of the Fed are:

    1). Banks of Rothschild from London and Paris.

    2). Lazard Brother Bank from Paris

    3). Israel Moses Seif Bank from Italy

    4). Warburg Bank from Amsterdam and Hamburg

    5). Lehmann Bank from New York

    6). Khun Loeb Bank from New York

    7). Chase Manhattan Bank from New York

    8). Goldman Sachs Bank from New York

The value of bank notes printed from the Federal Reserve is 50-70 cents. Money in circulation issued Federal Reserve banknotes are 263 dollars in 2002. US liabilities alone are over $ 4 trillion in 2002. The Fed is a private institution.

With the Federal Reserve, the United States is thrown into utopian sovereign debt to bankers. Interest payments are guaranteed through tax revenues. Where they can not be repaid, ownership of state-owned banks is transferred to English and / or French banks.

The Oil and the First World War:

Before the outbreak of World War I, there was an agreement between Russia, France and the United Kingdom about how the raw materials would be distributed after the end of the war. - "Isaac - Pico"

Crucial for World War I to take place are transport and supply - the supply of arms, ammunition and other warring parties.

Germany before the First World War:

The unification of the German states under Bismarck violates the "equilibrium of forces", which has existed for more than two centuries in Europe. Until 1871 England was the lord of the European continent. Turning German into a strong state is a threat to England. Rise is thanks to "Iron Chancellor" Otto von Bismarck. In 1871. He was proclaimed Germany's first Chancellor. In his rule, he was victorious from Austria and the French at the Battle of Sedan.

After 1884. Germany acquired multiple colonies in Africa, Germany encouraged the storms in Transvald and the Orange Free State until the war with England from 1889 to 1902.

Until 1902 Germany acquires the Carolina, Marshall and Mariana Islands, parts of New Guinea, and Samoa in the Pacific, as well as a naval trading base in Shandong, China.

International Banking and affiliated to Germany, and seeks to isolate and control the country. For this, between 1894 and 1907, they came to the conclusion that Russia France and England and other countries would join Germany in case of war.

Fighting raw materials ‚Äď oil:

For only a few years, the weaponry industry has made an unexpected drop in production, it is about aircraft tanks, fuel supply, optimization of land and maritime transport.

The battle for black gold is at the heart of the two world wars.

1847. Rothschilds take money on Ireland in connection with the famine, finance the Crimean Nine, and give money to England to buy half of the Suez Canal from Egypt in 1876.

Creditanstalt Bank in Vienna is run by Solomon Rothschild, becoming the depository bank of Austro-Hungary.

The British Bank of Rothschild finances the gold mines of South Africa.

19th Century London Loan Deposits is 120 million pounds, compared with 40 million in New York, 13 million in Paris and 8 million in Germany.

The First World War:

The German cannons are devastated by the Russians. Russia's entry into the war is a catastrophe - it is not accidental.

While the UK guarantees full support for Russia after the war, England has reduced its assistance to Russia 10 times, according to the deal. This is not accidental.

Only 1915 to 1916. On the Eastern Front Russia is losing millions of soldiers. Six riflemen had a shotgun.

October Revolution in Russia:

The Firefighter of the Russian Revolution - Jacob Schiff. Born 1847 In Frankfurt am Main, he grew up next to the Rothschild family. 1865. He went to New York where 1875. She started working at the Bank of Kun Luob and Co. in 1885 - she became its director - this is on Rothschild's order. Kun and Schiff are members of the lodge.

The American financial circles have been sworn enemies of the royal rule in Russia for years, 1904 Schiff writes to Rothschild that in the last 5-6 years he has thwarted loans for Russia.

Instead, Shif settled Japan for Japan in 1905, three loans to Japan, Japan's victory for Japan, and social tensions in Russia, Rothschild Kun Loeb and Co. actually funded Japan as well. 1914 erupted the conflict with Germany.

Already with the conflict with Germany, the Russian army is diminished.

Lloyd George found that on the Russian front the situation was desperate in connection with late wartime benefits for five months. Only six soldiers have a single rifle.

The tactics of the Jewish lobby to bring Russia to hunger and misery by sowing the bruises, protests, resentment and creating conditions - blunt conditions for the instigators of the revolution. (Wars start revolting.

Responsible for deliveries is Vikers Maxim, a company controlled by Sir Ernest Castle, a partner in a Kun-Loeb transaction and Co-member of the Rothschild family.

Meanwhile, the Jew Alexander Kerensky fueled disagreements in Russia.

He made money in 1917. from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to the National Bank of Rockefeller - the only bank in Petersburg, which is not nationalized / destined for the RD

Inspired in 1903.

1918 in New York gather Jews for the final definitive outcome of the Revolution in Russi ya-Jakov Shif, L. Marshall, O.A. Rossalski, and O.A. Cannes - the beginning of the SHIF Bank and the owner of NEW

YORTIMS, B. Schlesinger - who meets with Lenin, Joseph Schlossberg - Secretary of the Union of Workers / M. Peine, David Rinski, etc. Baronde, 1920 in the American Jew magazine of 10 September 2910, the Jewish Lobby quotes:

"The Bolshevik Revolution is a work that is a reflection of Jewish dissatisfaction."

Leon Trotsky lives in New York when the Emperor was overthrown in 1917. Trotsky left on March 26, 2917. for St. Petersburg with a 10,000-dollar Christiania cruiser in his pocket, given to him by Rockefeller.

Trotsky entered with an American passport personally received by US President Woodrow Wilson, a puppet in his hands.

On March 19, 1917. Jacob Schiff sends the Foreign Minister of the Interim Russian Government to Miulikov Telegram:

Jaffa Shifu's nephew in New York, American American, February 3, 1949. Confirms his close relationship between 1918 and 1922. his grandfather has transfered to the revolutionary rulers $ 30 million, which Lenin later returns repays in the amount of 600 million rubles in gold (equivalent to 450 million dollars) in gold. Bana Kun Loeb & Co Banks Morgan Rothschild, Lazar, Barburg by Sir George Buchanan and Lord Milner,

The Secret US Services of March 6, 1920. In February 1916 - it is first understood that In Russia the blooming revolution - a list of bankers' names: Schiff, Kun, Loeb and Co, Jerome Handwell, Guggenheim, and Max Breiteung -

Columbia Lodge was founded in 1785. of the Illuminati of Bavaria in New York Clinton Roosevelt published a book in 1841. "Science-based science management" refers to Weisshaupt's plan to impose world domination of the UN type.

The Press and the Propaganda - Times, Figaro, Patti Parisian, Jumanotti, Daily Telegraph, Westminster Gazette, Daily Express, Daily Harold, Chronicle, English Lewis, Unspecified News, Daily News and the renowned Reuters Agency

On January 13, 1917, Lev Trotsky arrives in New York.

The Emperor actually denies the Jews to form a central bank in Russia.

The way for the preparation of the October Revolution is the same as that of the French Revolution. - the first condition - to create the conditions for ripening the economic crisis, which would lead to the destabilization of the political power in the country.

The financing of the October Revolution was funded by American banks in 1903. Teodor Roosevelt met the representatives of Children's Nativity, the oldest public Jewish organization.

Napoleon Levy, the author of the protest diplomatic message the US sent to Russia condemning the pogrom on April 19, 2003, was also present there. in Chisinau.

This message was sent with a signed subscription of 30,000 members of the "Children of the Covenant" 1905 the banker of Jewish origin, Jacob Schiff, said: "If an imperator refuses to give our people the desired freedom, then we will establish a republic with a revolution and we will win our rights."

Since 1905. Bank Kn, Loeb and Co. began to financially support the Russian Revolution, funding Lenin, Trotsky and Zinoviev.

Two members of the English Pilgrim and the round table Massacre Viscount Alfred Milner and Sir George Buchanan, an English Ambassador in Moscow, were charged for the money distribution.

The money is granted apart from Lazar and his son-in-law Felix Warburg - founder of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

And by Hermann Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, Max Brighting, Jerome H. Hanauer, Solomon Guggenheim - all of the Children of the Covenant.

William Bois Thompson, Federal Reserve Director and Chase Manhattan Bank shareholder, has funded the $ 1 million pro-Arab activity of the October Revolution Financing - propaganda - in the media, television, agencies, travel training, equipment, weapons, printe The October Revolution receives the financial support of the German General Staff.

Banking transfers go through Germany through the coal mining Rifa Westfalia, led by Kardorff, Varburg and Co. Bank in Hamburg, and Stroyer in Frankfurt, arriving in Sweden at Nia Banken and passing through the Jewish Olaf Asbury,

The Jewish Bank "Gunzburg", which is based in St. Petersburg, also participates.

Letter of credit of 40 million gold francs.

Shortly thereafter, Rockefeller's New Jersey Standard buys 50 per cent of the vast oil reserves in the Caucasus, although they are officially state-owned.

The way for the preparation of the October Revolution is the same as that of the French Revolution.

The first condition - to create the conditions for ripening the economic crisis, which leads to the destabilization of the political power in a country.

The Emperor actually denies the Jews to form a central bank in Russia.

In 1804, Napoleon understood the power of those who threatened France - stopping to tolerate Rothschild because of keto pay with his death.

Rothschild from now on begins to fund any coalition against Napoleon.

Wellington won Napoleon Rothschild.

Obstacles to the financial circles of 1783 are the kings, Emperor of Russia, King of Aiglia. And other. They refuse to bankers and financiers the creation of central banks in the bigger states that actually control not only finance but also economic activity.

Banks and Banks:

The banking system at the beginning of Babylon about 3000 years ago

The reason for its discovery is gold.

The goldsmiths, instead of carrying it with them, left it to a friend of their own trust.

He gives them a piece of parchment or skin with their own signature or gait.

Later, who holds this receipt can get the gold.

This system is becoming more popular.

Specialized people become gold watchdogs

In trade, people who hold such receipts pay with them for the goods. It is not necessary to take the gold.

It only becomes a transfer to the receipt of the receipt.

Although gold does not belong to them, the owners of these safekeeping stores lend them to other third parties to other merchants who pay them a corresponding percentage for their use.

Later, these hide-and-seek guards are shifted under the name of "lewars".

In the Middle Ages usury is forbidden.

During the Crusades, the first international bank was born.

By the middle of the 15th century, Cosimo de Medici formed an international bank with a headquarters in Florence with a branch in Avignon and London.

In the Roman department, the bank keeps the bills of the pope's assets. The bank's interest rate is 10 percent.

In the 16th century, a huge amount of gold was imported from South America into Spain, forming the first modern banks, the Banco di Santo Sprito in Rome, the Monte de Pietas in Naples, the BANCO DIPALERMO in Sicily.

Next phase - using deposits and savings of people.

They pay less, but lend them to other persons at a higher rate.

The name "National Bank" trust and conviction.

The first such bank in 1674. takes the name of the Swedish National Bank.

  1. followed the British National Bank in 1694.

Wilhelm's $ 3,100 million loan was lent 8 percent. They are given a monopoly right to print money and receive deposits.

Rothschild sends his 5-sons to Paris, Vienna Naples, Frankfurt, and London in the middle of the 18th century.

The fastest communication system with pigeons, couriers and agents.

Political and Economic Intelligence - Advantage.

He first learns about Waterloo's victory and accumulates tremendous wealth on the stock exchange.

It finances railway lines, construction companies, international projects.

Heine says: Money is God of our time.

1847. Rothschilds take money on Ireland in connection with the famine, finance the Crimean Nine, and give money to England to buy half of the Suez Canal from Egypt in 1876.Creditanstalt Bank in Vienna is run by Solomon Rothschild - becoming the depository bank of Austro-Hungary. The British Bank of Rothschild finances the gold mines of South Africa.

19th Century London Loan Deposits is 120 million pounds, compared with 40 million in New York, 13 million in Paris and 8 million in Germany.This is the conclusion of Robespier himself.

By comparing the revolutions and wars in France 1789, England 1640, Russia 1917, Germany and Hungary 1918-1919, and Spain 1936, everything resembles preparation, funding, who stands behind these conflicts and their goals.

Historical evidence for funding and the instigation of the Second World War

Loans granted by International Financial Institutions of Germania 1924 / Plan Dow / - 1929 Young Plan / in Germany's Weapons Industry.

The Rise of Hitler - Financial Support to Chase National Bank - Rokfeller, Union Bank - Preskot Bush,

Economic and Monetary Reform - made by Yalmar Shaht - right hand to J. P. Morgan

Hitler 's armies with support of the Colossus Ford, Chrysler, ICB, Standard Oil, Shell Oil, General Electric, General Motors, Kodak, DuPont. Most of these companies had subsidiaries in Germany - before and during the war.

Without Synthetic Fuels by I.G. Farben. thanks to the licenses of Standard Oil from Rockefeller, was founded in 1925 by Hermann Schmitz with American capital - Paul Warburg - founder of the Fed, Max Warburg, Edsse B. Ford, CEE, and Walter Teigel of the Federal Reserve. the largest chemical company in Auschwitz, Farben has colluded before the war with the United States, not to bomb their factories, 93 percent of Farben's factories have remained unharmed. As well as other factories to be spared - the AEG German branch of Deregal Elektrik.

Attack on Japanese Pearl Harbor, with which Roosevelt declares war on and enters the Second World War, has been quietly challenged by the McCallum plan The United States is making suicide economic sanctions against Japan US intelligence has been clear with the plan for the attack.

On 19 October 1936th. American US Ambassador to German William Dodd report to Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dupon has opened businesses in Germany, In December 1933, Standard Oil Company has transferred $ 2 million to the production of surrogate for the German Gov't

THE BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS BRI provides financing for Hitler it was created in 1930. In Basel as a bank of banks

 After the Second World War, bankers PREPAR THE MARCHAL PLAN - for the re-establishment of Germany. Again they finance and earn on loans.

Cold War and Financing, NATO 1949 - Warsaw Treaty 1955 The military arsenal of the Soviet Union until 1945.

1929 The only fully manufactured aircraft in Surya is the H-1 British replica of De Havilland D.H.

From 1932 to 1940, poets from 20 US companies delivered aircraft and spare parts to the Soviet Union.

The Soviets buy the DC-3 production license then transformed into PS-84 - Li-2

1932 all tanks in the USSR are foreign production, the T-27 is manufactured in Leningrad is a copy of the British Mark-VI

1944 STALIN officially thanked the United States for its help against Germany Recognizes that 2/3 of the Soviet industry is built with the participation of the United States.

The KATYUSHA rocket launches are loaded with cordite supplied by an American company 95% of the Soviet Purgatory Park is produced in large-sized pre-empents designed by amateur companies

Ford Motor Company,

Arthur J. Brandt Company

Austin Company

General Electric

Swindell - Dresser -

They had representatives of Zitko.

The Soviet amorphous industry Gorki was held by FORD in 1932.

In 1946, the British government gave the Soviet Union 55 turbo-jets, 25 were produced by Rolls Royce 30 from Derwent FIAT has signed an agreement with Chase Manhattan Bank of Rokfeller to build the Tillyati automobile factory in the country.

 1964 US military informs that they have been attacked by North Vietnamese warships, and the US entered a war with Vietnam.

It was a production of SURVIVAL - like the Accident in Tonkine Bay,

The aim is war and the warring parties to overspend even more. 

1972 At the initiative of the state-owned hereditary secretary Henry Kissingj, Rockefeller, the US government has granted more than $ 1 billion for licenses to export equipment and technical assistance to build factories for heavy civil and military equipment in the Kama River area.

Here are Chase Manhattan Bank, Gulf & Western Industires, E.W.Bliss Co., Combustin Engineering, Hocroft and Company, Honewwell, Ingolsoll Milling Machine Company, National Engineering, Pullman, Swindell Dressler Co., Warner & Swazey.

1979 the soviets invade Afghanistan The US supports Afghan resistance in the so-called Cold War and finances mujahedin and the Taliban - creating the base for modern al-Qaeda terrorism. 

Osama Bin Laden and Brzezinski and family bush. The CIA creates Osama Bin Laden.  

Debt Bank: a way and means of redeeming entire countries - ITL bonds 27.3 from financial aaricostraction and 54.7% through the investment management system - ie. They are the same again.

The International Monetary Fund 1945 - The IMF imposes the wrong schemes for economic recipes and decisions of the states, devaluing their economic and production capacity. Poland and China do not accept IMF policy.

In the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia falls into the impassioned embrace of the IMF and the World Bank - through violent corrupt privatization, whole factories are being privatized for pennies.

The decision of the IMF and the World Bank has led to the failure of entire industrial sectors in certain countries.

The New Strategy for Profit from War and War Wars in the 21st Century Replace the Cold War and generate and finance terrorism and then fight it.

Artificially inflicted terrorist actions to warrant reinforcement of control and thus to cause war, military conflict, interference in a foreign country,. Atomic microbubbles,

Incinerating terrorism - which serves only to intimidate people and introduce strict control.

The realities are others - replacing the system of wars with the creation of terrorism, another enemy - Islamism, -

Financial Bank Industrial Matherialized Materialization.

The new world system according to Rockefeller March 20, 1969

The realities are others - replacing the system of wars with the creation of terrorism, another enemy - Islamism, -

Planned Parenthood:

Reducing the population, giving birth to children, introducing new meanings about sex, non-reproductive sex, the opportunity to get the most profitable means, sexual education among young people as a tool for world government, support abortion with state resources to reduce population, of homosexuality, breeding technologies without ex-husbandry, family breeding, entation and "death pill", organs of access to paid health care for escape from a threatening close control of access to medical services, removal of private doctors, difficulties in diagnosing new incurable diseases, hampering exclusion to reduce population, incitement of a deliberate attack to eliminate people, early schooling to accelerate puberty and evolution , merging all records, removing old religions, changing the story, changing the keyword, schooling as a tool for indoctrating, extending the schooling time without children learning something, controlling access to information, schooling as municipal centers, seizing particular books from libraries, legal changes that unleash social and moral chaos, aiding the consumption of drugs to create an urban jungle atmosphere, encouraging the consume of alcohol, restriction of free travel, need for more prisons, use of hospitals as a place of isolation, creation of psychoblogical and physical immobility, use of crime to manage the limitation of the American domination of society, the displacement of peoples and co-nomics, the extraction of the social roots, the sport of society, sex and violence in entertainments, implantation of ID cards / microchips / control of foodstuffs, control of weather conditions, familiarizing people's behavior with the aim of introducing the phenomenon, enhancing scientific discovery, using terrorism as a basis for enforcement,

A television that stabs a separate person, possession of property passes into oblivion, the occurrence of a new notary system.

These are the stated objectives - the real goals for fulfillment of the goals of Financial Bank Research Technology Mafiotherized Materialism.


Quote by Thomas Jefferson - "If one day the American people gives private banks the control of monetary" production, "they, along with the mobsters around them, will rob people's property first through inflation and then deflation. Until one day their children wake up without a roof over their heads on the continent, conquered by their fathers. "

3. Discussion and conclusions:

The developed by Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev ‚ÄúFinancially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialism‚ÄĚ is the only real process that drive the world history and all the society processes all over thw world since the 17 century.

This is the only mechanism and materialismus that explain all the historical process and economical process all over the world on our planet Earth.

The developed by Lord Prof. Momtchil DObrev Financially banking resource-based technological mafia-driven materialism and ‚Äú Theory and praxice of the MAFIOTISMUS‚ÄĚ prove and explain the real truth in all the social economical , social, sate,processes all over the world.

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